Business travel
for banks, for farm companies

We save up to 35% on business travel for our clients. Our MIСЕ events become legendary.

Business travel cost structuring:

  • Travel politics of the company - organization, development and control;
  • Business travel cost reduction;
  • Long-term partnership with providers;
  • Special rates for corporate clients;
  • Trilateral agreements with airline companies and hotels;
  • Long-term planning of multiple itineraries


  • No unforeseen costs;
  • Swift response to any new circumstances;
  • Quick solution of urgent cases;
  • Trip budget structuring.

Advantages and opportunities


We organize a working place for our employees in your office. They work according to your time-schedule, advise your colleagues on travel matters, treat only your requests and draw up accounts.


Due to this fact we are able to play it by ear. We never miss any client's claim or urgent request.


Our experience helps us to offer you unique opportunities. We have ready solutions to all of force-major circumstances.


We offer several bonus programmes for companies and employees


Special terms for government companies according to federal acts 223 and 44.

Convenient and efficient bookkeeping reporting

Accounting records are provided promptly and in the form convenient for you.


  • Analysts
  • Top management
  • Accountants
  • Financial officers
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Our cases

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Client - International IT company P

Since the Company was served by another travel agency before, we started all over again: we collected statistics, analyzed it and formed travel policy.

In the course of three months we defined high-priority destinations: head-quarters in Singapore, offices in Russia, The USA and Spain. After that we have chosen convenient hotels close to the offices of the Company. We worked out trilateral agreements with airlines and hotels and got special rates.

  • We've collected and analyzed statistics efficiently/li>
  • We've saved 9,5% for the travel budget
  • We've offered corporate bonus cards and bonus miles

Client - pharmaceutical company G

First negotiations revealed that Company doesn't have any travel policy at all. Stuff simply ordered individual trips with some cost limit with travel managers, very often the day before the trip. We have put on restraints stuff expenses, the quality of the business trips and negotiations left the same. We have offered an efficient planning and insisted on planning trips in advance.

We found out that stuff tended to save miles with different airlines - and those airlines were preferred mostly to the detriment of trip total cost. We assisted stuff with their personal mile cards and offered special corporate rates of several airlines preferred in the Company. Now miles are earned both on individual and corporate cards.

  • We've worked out travel policy
  • We've saved 13% for the travel budget
  • We've got special rates from airlines

Client - large-scale construction company M

The Company used to order trips with one of the secretaries who booked hotels and flights online. Unfortunately secretary didn't know that rates online are much more high than those of the professional business travel agency due to business size. The Company had to pay immediately for every single service, difficulties with change and return occurred. Financial officer and accountant did huge amount of work collecting docs and making accounting records. The Company preferred self-dependent trips organization. What we offered was a corporate online system. It combined special terms of airlines and hotels and special rates for online services.

  • We've really made it easier for the Company stuff to travel
  • We've reduced time losses for secretary, financial officer and accountant
  • We've made business travel transparent
  • We've made reporting easier

Client - government company T

It was really a heavy test for us to start working with government company. It is remarkable that every department inside the Company had its own travel policy and was divided into separate cost-centres. We provided three employees to serve the client. After six months of cooperation we got permission to work with 3 more subsidiaries. Due to the business growth we got 4% of additional discount from airlines. New tender issued also was won. We know why - we've proven that we save for the Company more than we earn on our own fees.

  • We've organized a person to person work with our client
  • 4% of additional discount
  • We've launched the cost-centre system

Client - oil company F

The Company is involved in mining operations. It is obvious that its stuff travels a lot and very often right off the boat. The Company's monthly budget is 3 million RUB. To make our work easier we've established an implant in the Company's office. In off-work hours the client contacted our 24 hours service.

  • 24 hours support
  • Convenience for the client has become our highest priority

Client - music band D

You can't deny that you need special knowledge to provide your services to companies engaged in absolutely different spheres of business and culture. Thus musicians require specific flight and accommodation services during their concert tours. Since we have experience in supporting public events we know how to meet this sort of requirements: be it booking separate seat for violoncello or outsize fragile and valuable load shipment. We are always successful in dealing with international celebrities, their entourage and concert equipment.

  • Years of expertise
  • Attention to details
  • All kinds of mass events

Client - top management of company I

In this case we organized personal trips for top managers of the Company. It was our luxury and VIP travel department dealing with the client. The service was good and rates were quite competitive. Our incoming travel partners provide excellent time-proven services in luxury area. Step by step we've come to organizing business travel for the whole Company.

  • High quality of VIP services
  • Competitive price
  • Deserved recognition of the loyal customers

Our clients

We work with clients from different areas and understand the problems and nuances of your business

  • Finance
  • Legal companies
  • Banks
  • Government companies
  • Science
  • Media
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Concert tours
  • IT
  • Production
  • Tech
  • Construction
  • Services and commerce
  • Subsurface management
  • Medicine
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Catering consumption
  • Agricultural sector

A word in your ear...

We share confidential information with our clients monthly: we make special offers, provide professional views of airlines and hotels experts.

No spam! True secrets of true saving - monthly.


Your personal manager

We will give you personal business travel consultants - one or more depending on the business size - they will know all your preferences in business travel. They will help your personnel reach their destinations with minimum fuss and maximum reassurance, and get support in their business trips if needed.

Our personal consultants will keep statistics for you, help you make the very best of your budget and keep your files (ffp cards, passports and visas, any other personal information needed) confidentially.

7/24 service

Our own Business Travel Bureau 24-hour emergency service is a full range service provided any day and any time.

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  • внедрять корпоративную тревел-политику
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