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Personal trips and excursions

Exciting impressions and positive sea tends to bring out every tourist travel. It does not matter which direction is chosen - beach holiday on an exotic island or perhaps a fascinating historical tour. The main thing is that the trip itself was well-organized, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

Our tourists are becoming more discerning and demanding. It is promoted and new routes, which offer experienced tour operators. So unusual journey are very popular, drawing his fans in pursuit of adventure.

Plan your trip begins with a choice. And do not limit your imagination traditional resorts. In the end, if you have always wanted to go to the Arctic to see with their own eyes the coast of Costa Rica, or take a ride on the Amazon, do not deny yourself the pleasure. Today, almost everything is possible.

Fans of mountain recreation await unusual trip to the Altai Mountains, pristine beauty, magical landscapes and the incredible energy that delight and the most experienced. In the Altai, and you can go with children, and with a big company. Remain satisfied all - even real adventurers. They stashed truly extreme fun - rafting on the river is quite dangerous Chueh .

If you prefer a more relaxed vacation, choose an unusual journey to Europe. By the way, in addition to the original versions, which may include a sailing cruise, bike trails or, for example, participate in knightly tournaments, there are even tours for gourmet cooking or medical travel for former smokers.

In fact, it is important to understand that everything is in your hands. Trust your dreams and team BTB company professionals will take care of it as soon as possible incarnation. And if any - the most daring journey - it will be possible .

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